I’ve known and trained with Master Joyner going on 20 years and hands down one of the best martial arts instructors around!!!
– Jeff J.

Most intense workouts, 5 years of great discipline, respect, and comradery, this dojo is like family. Pure love! Master Joyner is the best!!
– Tamara

Our involvement with this dojo has significantly changed our family. Our two daughters have gained a tremendous amount of self-confidence over the years as a result of their time at this dojo. Much more than the karate/self-defense skills learned has been the patient, yet firm, guidance that Sensei Craig has provided to them. This guidance comes not only in the dojo, but with respect to their personal lives and school work. I honestly cannot fully describe to you how much Craig has helped us. He is truly one of the finest people that I’ve ever known. Just drive by sometime after school or on a Saturday and talk to the parents that are there watching their children grow.
– Skip P.